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Ditch the Sleeves & Get Back to Living
Surgical Arm Lift Procedure

Surgical Arm Lift Procedure in Huntington Beach, CA

Stop hiding your arms and get back to confident living with Venus MD

Each of us ages in a different way. For some of us, sagging skin, muscle loss, and uneven fat distribution result in excess skin beneath the arms. Sagging underarm skin can deflate our confidence and create daily discomfort. It also limits our enjoyment at the beach, gym, or elsewhere where sleeves should be optional. Thankfully, the whims of aging don’t stand a chance against an arm lift procedure from VenusMD in Huntington Beach.

At Venus MD, we quickly and safely remove excess skin beneath the arms, contributing to both a quality-of-life improvement and a boost to your self-image! Don’t let excess skin hold you back one more day!

Benefits of Arm Lift Procedure

Benefits of Arm Lift Procedure

For many patients, sagging underarm skin causes more than just embarrassment and weakened confidence—it also interferes with their daily comfort. Loose skin has a weight of its own and can become caught in the crook of your armpit. For these and other cosmetic reasons, arm lifts offer numerous advantages, including:

  • A more youthful look
  • Improved daily comfort
  • More wardrobe options
  • Boosted confidence
  • Greater range of movement
  • More toned arms
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How Arm Lifts Work

Arm lifts (also called brachioplasty) begin with an incision along the sagging skin, proceeding from your armpit along your arm. Excess skin and tissue is removed, and the wound is closed in such a way to encourage healing along a tighter profile. This improves both appearance and comfort while hiding the scar along the arm’s natural contours for minimal visibility.

Arm Lift FAQs

For best results and maximum safety, it’s generally recommended to refrain from normal activities and work for 10 days after your arm lift procedure. Even minor lifting motions could compromise your overall results and should be avoided both in and out of the office. At Venus MD, we’ll provide you with aftercare details to increase your comfort and minimize recovery time.

Generally speaking, your arm lift procedure will take between 3 and 4 hours. During that time, our tumescent anesthesia should keep you pain-free and comfortable.

Because the arm lift procedure involves surgically removing excess skin and fat from your underarms, you should notice a visibly thinner profile immediately. You will need time to heal fully, however, and should be able to return to life, the beach, sleeveless shirts, and sleeveless dresses within several months.

Improve Your Quality of Life & Confidence

It can be easy to settle for whatever aging throws at us. But even excess underarm skin has a solution at Venus MD. For your daily comfort, your daily confidence, your days at the beach, and your nights at the heart of the party, contact Venus MD to schedule your arm lift procedure today.

Schedule an Arm Lift at Venus MD Medspa in Huntington Beach

Proudly serving Huntington Beach, CA, Venus MD has the procedures you need to look and feel your best. Our experience and tactical application of tumescent anesthesia provide strong results in a safe and caring environment. Call (714) 839-8712 today to schedule your appointment!

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