A Natural Approach

Face Lift

A Natural Approach


One of the hardest thing to accomplish in the medical world is “natural looking” results. My approach to this phenomenon is simple… Not everyone knows what will give them the look they want, and sometimes even if they know what they want, the procedure they’re thinking will achieve it is the wrong one, or not as effective as another one could be.


For instance. Maybe your friends and family have given you a feeling that you have baggy, tired looking eyes. The natural thought process would be to have an eyelid lift to remove them, right? Well you could be correct, but maybe not. If the eyelids have also created atrophy in the muscles over a period of time, then the cheek muscles may also be weak and the stretching of the skin beneath the eyes will create a more angular line to your side profile. If that’s the look you want then great that’s all you need, but if you were wanting to keep a more rounded, vibrant look to your face a cheek implant will more likely be needed as well.


By having both, and a now more full and robust face, you may want to shave the eyebrows differently or depending on the shape of the head, consider a brow lift to compensation for the new symmetry in the round cheeks and new set of the eyes with the eyelid lift.


No matter what it is a potential patient may think they want to do, it’s always important to consider whether a “natural” look is as important as the proportions you’re trying to achieve, and that’s where I excel.